It is the right of everyone who lives within the Parish of St Thomas to have their funeral service taken in the Parish Church and conducted by one of the clergy team of St Thomas’ and we work closely with the local undertakers to facilitate the many different requests we receive.

Having a Christian funeral ensures that each service has an element of hope, of course their will be sadness and grief but the service and the spoken word remind us of our shared hope in the eternal life that is promised by Jesus to those who turn to him.

The person conducting the funeral service will usually meet with the family in advance to discuss your thoughts and plans and to ensure that each service says something about the person who has died. This can often be the first meeting of many as we seek to keep in touch with you after the funeral and invite you to services of remembrance and thanksgiving.

We recognise that organising a funeral can be difficult, it is done when people are feeling emotional and upset and often they are organised by family members or friends who have never had to do this before. For further information and help on organising a Christian funeral service there are plenty of resources and suggestions here.

Please feel free to contact one of the team here at St Thomas for further support and advice.

Thinking Ahead

It is a good idea to think about your own funeral and make plans for the type of service you would like. Most families and friends appreciate knowing what their relative or friend would have liked, and it is not always easy talking about these things beforehand. The Guild of All Souls provide a very useful leaflet called Upon my Death which brings together a lot of information that will be very useful to your next of kin and encourages you to think carefully about the service, the music and all the arrangements.